TriBeCa / SOHO


TriBeCa or the Triangle Below Canal Street is widely considered one of the best places to live and visit in New York City. This vibrant, trendy neighborhood features popular waterfront parks, renowned restaurants and leading nightlife destinations. The neighborhood’s cobblestone streets, historic warehouse buildings, and trendy cafes make TriBeCa the perfect neighborhood for domestic and international tourists alike. Visitors flock to TriBeCa to visit the numerous sites and events that it hosts including the The Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall, and The TriBeCa Film Festival.

SoHo, located just on the other side of Canal Street from TriBeCa, is New York City’s premier retail neighborhood and has surpassed the traditional uptown luxury corridors as a must-have location for every significant retailer within New York City. Home to the flagship stores of international iconic brands such as Apple, Chanel, Top Shop, Uniqlo and Prada, SoHo also features a diverse roster of trend setting boutiques, high design furniture, and sports apparel stores not found uptown. Because of its ubiquitous appeal and undeniable culture, SoHo benefits from its status as a preferred destination for tourists.

Subway stops: The 1 or 2 line to Canal, Franklin, or Chambers Streets, or the A, C, E line to Canal or Chambers Streets.