Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle

In March 2014, Bridgeton purchased 396 Broadway, a 10-story 61,000 square foot office building constructed in 1899 in the heart of the Tribeca submarket of Manhattan. Where others saw an opportunity to operate as office, Bridgeton saw an opportunity to convert the building into an independent life-style hotel and a neighborhood destination that would propel the surrounding blocks.

Bridgeton had the vision of integrating the best food and beverage operators into the hotel lobby to make the hotel a central hub for the neighborhood. Utilizing its internal network, Bridgeton approached Blue Bottle Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Bridgeton presented Blue Bottle with a plan to occupy the space fronting Broadway, a highly functional open retail corridor. By March 2015, Bridgeton had executed its lease with Blue Bottle. Bridgeton’s network and creative negotiating was instrumental in making this happen.

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